More Pay for Play in Obama’s Transparent Administration

24 06 2009

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama donors have been rewarded with Ambassadorship nominations. The practice is not new, but it is head turning for a President who promised a transparent administration. The donors – now Ambassador nominees –  have given a total of over $98,000 to Obama personally, $3.4 million for his Presidential campaign and $1.4 million for his inaugural. Read the very interesting report here.


The Shrinking 5 Day Review Period

28 05 2009

Politifact at the St. Petersburg Times has been keeping a meter running on Obama’s promises.obameter_promiseBroken

Most notably broken is the Obama administration’s promise of transparencyin allowing the public to review for 5 days any pending legislation before Obama signs it.

The credit card bill of rights is the latest bill to be rushed through before the public can digest it. Or even find it on the website.

REPEATABLE: Image is everything. By saying he wants transparency in government, people believe it, even though he is not delivering.