National Tea Party Convention

8 01 2010

It’s coming! February 4, Nashville. Us “Grassroots nutroots” have organized enough to have a convention, complete with keynote speaker Sarah Palin. Here is the website.


It is Great To Be Ignored

20 04 2009

While there are some who are upset that the mainstream media chose not to cover over 150,000 Americans protesting Washtington spending and tax policies in all 50 states of the country¬†on April 15¬†– I’m fine with it.

I expected it.

Here is a great recap of exactly how the mainstream media covered this newsworthy event.

They can ignore this all they want….I ignore them, so what is the difference?

The difference is that I will be around in 5 years…and I am wondering if network news will be. Ratings are in decline for the networks and CNN and MSNBC combined don’t even touch Fox’s evening broadcasts. It is only a matter of time before only the 15% lunatic liberals are the only ones remaining to see Katie’s new haircuts. The “regular” liberals will have also turned them off by then…

The 2008 election signaled the end of objective network newscoverage. Don’t expect anything balanced and in fact, expect it to get worse.

Make it easy on yourself – don’t watch!

REPEATABLE: American’s don’t need network news. Don’t wait for coverage – it won’t happen. Just don’t watch!