Protests: Continued

7 07 2009

The media is too busy covering Michael Jackson’s death to report on this, but thousands of Americans once again took to the streets during the July 4th weekend to protest out of control Washington spending.

Republicans. Democrats. Us. Them. People are getting sick of the double standard of going into debt to “fix” the problems of people…well…going into too much debt.

Protests were held in 1,500 cities across the country.

Dallas had 37,000; Houston 7 – 10,000; North Houston, 3,500 – 5,000; Tuscon – 4,000;  Sunnyvale, CA – 1,000; Fresno – 15,000; Stafford County, Virginia, -300; Morristown, NJ – thousands; Reno – 3,500; Washington DC, 2,000; Peachtree City, GA – 2,000.

Well done.

REPEATABLE: Media coverage does not make these successful – attendees make them successful. Each attendee is a voter – and THAT is what will make a difference.


823,076 Great Americans…and Counting…

27 04 2009

Grassroots organizers have tallied up the attendance and Pajamas TV is reporting that 823,076 Americans gathered on April 15 to protest out-of-control Washington spending.donttread3


Americans are sending a message to Democrats AND Republicans in Washington that spending is not a solution. The national debt is 4 times higher than January 1, 2009.  People are paying attention – and those in Washington who are voting for these bills (and those who are voting without reading them) need to take notice. If they want to keep their jobs – they need to start acting fiscally responsible like average Americans have to be.

REPEATABLE: Within the first 100 days of a new administration and 3/4 of a million Americans organized themselves to send a message to Washington – without using federal funds to pay for any of it. This is a great first step to ensure that political leaders do responsible work for the people – not work for themselves.

Taxed Enough Already – TEA Party Time

15 04 2009

The Revolution is here.donttread

Just in time to be noticed by the Department of Homeland Security – who released a Rightwing Extremism report last week.  Those crazy, radical Americans who are exercising their freedom of speech April 15 and protesting the threat of high taxes and current excessive Washington spending…. are already being labeled nut cases.

Too bad we don’t have federal funding like the real nut groups.

The media coverage will focus on pro-tax protesters or anyone in an Obama t-shirt that happens to walk by, so don’t count on anything there. At least USA Today had a nice story on the planning of the rallies.

REPEATABLE: With over 700 cities in all 50 states, the TEA parties are already a successful grassroots effort that clearly has Washington on edge.


Every state in America is planning a Tea Party protest April 15

7 04 2009

The national debt has been quadrupled since January, taxes have already been raised and more tax hikes are promised. Enough. Everyday Americans have organized themselves WITH NO FEDERAL FUNDING LIKE LIBERAL GROUPS ENJOY and are planning National Tax Day Tea Parties. There are protests planned in every 50 states, plus tpWashington D.C. (that is 50 states Mr. President – not 57 states like you think we have here in America.)

Auburn University, Burmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Trussville, Tuscaloosa, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Bullhead City, Cottonwood, Duncan, Gilbert, Green Valley, Lake Havasu City, Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona, Tuscon, Yuma…and that is JUST the cities in Alabama, Alaska and Arizona planning rallies.

Make no mistake – these are aimed at Obama but also the Republican and Democrats in Congress that are voting for these outrageous spending bills. See the complete list here.

Media coverage will not tell the story – so do not look for anything promising there. They will cover the anti-protests and write about the rumors being spread by Liberal groups. In my hometown, someone called the media saying 10,000 were coming when organizers have never, ever said that many were anticipated.

REPEATABLE: Big government supporters can control the media and tell lies, but they can’t stop average Americans from expressing their outrage over big government spending. Find – and attend – a Tea Party near you April 15.


Tea Party Time

1 04 2009

The national Tax Day Tea Party movement is for real. See the attached map from Freedom works with the known planned April 15 protests. Visit for more information.
REPEATABLE: Help stop wasteful government spending and take back your taxes. Find – and attend – a tea party near