Well done, Sarah Palin

7 07 2009

I’m a big fan of freshness in Washington D.C. – and no one who is there now seems to be bringing in the fresh air.

The Obama Administration has proven 7 months into their term to be more of the same – and worse. With the highest deficits ever, taxes raised as early as 4 months into their term, their arrogance to dissenters and dismissal to the economic divide (you lower your thermostat but I need to raise mine) – they have proven to be no solution.

Many hope Sarah Palin will be a contender for President. For now, I’m happy with her just being unleashed.

Her announcement Friday, July 3 that she will not be seeking reelection for Alaska governor and will leave the post at the end of this month is fantastic.

Liberals have no ground now on which to attack her. They can’t attack her governor record or sue her for any mythical ethics violations. They can’t criticize her travel or her family, because now she is a private citizen.

I hope now we can hear more about what she wants to say. She does not have to worry about her full time job as Alaska’s governor. She can now write a book and make millions. She can make jokes about how ugly David Letterman’s kids are. She can move to the lower 48 and make people nervous. She can travel the world and call herself an envoy to something and get experiences she couldn’t when tied down as governor.

Maybe for Halloween she will hang an effigy of someone she does not like and call it art (remember the West Hollywood home where an effigy of Palin was hung at Halloween and called “art”)

I think it is a great move and I can’t wait to hear more about what she wants to say.

REPEATABLE: Media and pundits: quit trying to project your guess of her intentions on her. She’s not going away – she will let us know what is next. Just take an Alaskan chill pill and go along with the ride.