Where’s the Republican Plan? Well here’s another…

15 09 2009

Obama mocked Republicans again today in a speech before more of his union supporters – saying “where is their plan?”

There are several, but this one has recently come to my attention…and I like it.

Here is the bill HR 3400 – Empowering Patients First Act.

It gives tax credits and deductions on a sliding scale so you can purchase insurance – and you can use pre tax dollars to buy coverage. It allows small businesses and groups (like Chamber of Commerce’s) to pool together to buy insurance. It allows you to purchase insurance across state lines. And it advocates establishment of health courts that know how to accurately assess medical liability cases – rather than the way lawsuits work now where anyone sues and the sympathy of a soccer mom on a jury determines randomly excessive awards. Nothing against soccer moms, but I -if on a jury – would not have any idea on how to put a dollar amount on unfortunate damages.

It is a good plan that does not completely revamp our society. It does not make businesses pay 8% penalties for not having adequate coverage for employees. It does not make citizens pay a 2.5% tax if you do not have insurance.

Too bad Obama and the Democrats are so entrenched in winning this that they cannot recognize another good plan when it comes along. In fact, Obama chooses to ignore it.



13 07 2009

Americans now trust Republicans in 8 of 10 issues over Democrats, according to Rasmussen Reports. Those issues include the economy, taxes, immigration, abortion, government ethics and for the first time in two years: Social Security.