The Republican Health Care Plan

13 08 2009

Enough of the Obamaspin.

Take a look at the Republican health care plan. Government is out of your life, but there to assist when you are too young to land a job with health benefits or too old to keep insurance when you move jobs. It recognizes that out of control lawsuits have everything to do with rising healthcare costs. It REWARDS small businesses with tax incentives when they offer health care (rather than the Democrats TAX PENALTY of 8% if you don’t take the government’s plan)

The only item I don’t see that would be nice is a catastrophic provision – which is ultimately the worry of all of us.

Obamacare is in a tailspin. Look at what has just happened from one person’s post on Facebook: Singlehandly from her comment on Facebook, Sarah Palin has managed to get removed the “Advance Death Care Planning” provision that was in his bill. Today the Finance Committee removed Death Care Planning less than a week after she posted her comment – saying government had no business in end of life decisions. This only became an issue when Palin referred to this as a “death panel”.

The Republican plan will never take root because Democrats will block it. That’s too bad because it is simple, easy to understand, and looks effective. It is not a complete rewrite of health care that would be difficult to restore if it didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Obama is out there trying to get you to believe that his government can run a massive program like this, while saying in the same speech that the U.S. Postal Service – a government agency – is not run as well as FedEx or UPS. And he said this two weeks after another government program, Cash for Clunkers, ran out of money because they planned so poorly.