You Still Don’t Like Him…Do You?

29 09 2010

I haven’t been posting on the blog for awhile, mostly because I have enjoyed seeing America slowly wake up and realize Hopenchange is not the coffee they bargained for.

And one of my favorite graphs to post is the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential tracking poll. And lookie – lookie – America still does not like this guy. They report 52% of American voters disapprove of the job he is doing and 46% somewhat disapprove. Awesome!


Tea Party More Popular Than…Obama!

6 04 2010

Oh yes! Those wacky, nutroot Americans that have chosen to arm themselves with sticks and posterboard are now polling more popular with Americans than Hopenchange.

This Rasmussen Reports poll has the numbers – 48% of Americans feel they identify more with the Tea Party movement and only 44% with Obama.

Think of the millions wasted by the Obama machine only for him to get to the point that average Americans on their lunch breaks standing in front of their city courthouses with freedom of speech signs have now surpassed him in terms of how Americans identify with the causes.

It is literally a sign of the times: Democrats spend millions of taxpayer dollars on things Americans don’t want, while average Americans spend a few dollars on sticks at Home Depot and poster board from Walmart to tell government want they do want. And which movement polls better?

Next President: A Republican?

16 11 2009

That’s what a Rasmussen survey of likely voters just said. 58% said that the next President will likely be a Republican. And of that, 31% said VERY  likely. These numbers have been edging up since Obama took office. Wonder why…

Read the survey here.


On the way to Denmark….

29 09 2009

Here is some recommended reading for President Obama for this week’s plane trip to Denmark.

I realize he is so worried about landing the Olympics for Chicago, his hometown, that he – and the usual extensive corps of Presidential security detail – must fly to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympic bid. It’s a long trip, so here is some reading he can do:

He could read Rasmussen Report’s latest poll on his job approval. In case this takes too long to read, here are some graphs:









That graph is a little negative, so let’s read one that has a positive color, like green:









Oh, that graph IS green, but it also is a little negative.

While on the subject of GREEN, I wonder what the carbon footprint of his trip will be? And the First Lady is making the trip as well, with other White House staffers, in another plane because she has to leave earlier.

Back to reading: He could also pre-order Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rouge”. A reported 1.5 million copies have already been ordered. It will be out in November, but by then, he should have lots of time on his hands after he has fixed healthcare, made a decision on Afghanistan, finalized his Gittmo plan, stabilized the housing market, revitalized unemployment..and all that other pesky Presidential stuff.

So with these graphs so negative, and such a lengthy “to do” list – how does he have the time to lobby for his hometown’s Olympic bid?


People Are Just Not That Into Him Anymore

7 09 2009

From Rasmussen Reports, a nice graph showing how Obama’s strongly approve following has dropped from 43% in January to 30% in August, while his strongly disapprove rating has grown from 20% in January to 39% in August.



Obama’s New Record:Third Fastest Unapproval Drop Evah

31 08 2009

From Gallup, Obama today reached 50% unapproval rating and if he drops one more point, will be the 3rd fastest approval drop of U.S. President’s since World War II. Only Ford and Clinton dropped faster.



New Low

24 08 2009

Oh my. I bet Obama is wee weed at this.