Olympic Fail…

3 10 2009

By now everyone has heard that the city of Chicago lost out today to Rio for the 2016 Olympics.

Two weeks ago, most Americans probably didn’t even know Chicago was in the running.ow

Millions were spent on their bid, and work on the bid was being done in Chicago, and in the White House. The ties to the White House and Obama administration on this have been too chummy to call. Senior White House staffers stood to make millions if the games were awarded – David Axelrod’s PR firm and Valerie Jarrett’s slum was to be razed for facilities.

Down to the final days, someone convinced Barry himself that he should hop on the taxpayer funded Air Force One and lobby for the games himself. He did – and he failed.

And that is what is interesting.

Who is advising him to travel thousands of miles to fail? What information did they have that they passed along to him that he bit and ran with? How unconnected to inside information were these people?

These are the same people who are advising the President day to day. Their information is rotten – their sources nonexistent. Yet he trusts them enough to listen to their advice.

What happens when they advise him on more serious matters?  What happens when they advise him poorly again?