Hey – Let’s Go Golfing Instead!

20 04 2010

That classy President we have….

He could not attend this weekend’s funeral in Poland for their President and most of their entire political cabinet that died in a tragic airplane crash due to the Iceland volcanic ash. This is understandable – most of Europe is at a standstill with flights cancelled.

So instead, Mr. Hopenchange goes golfing. While the funeral is going on…where he is supposed to be….he is seen golfing instead.

At least the joke-of-a-vice-president Biden and Clinton went to the Poland embassy to sign a condolence book.

Fox reported this is the 32nd round of golf Obama has played since taking office in 2009. Compared to Bush, who had 28 rounds and stopped playing because he said in a time of war it seemed inappropriate to be playing golf. Now there was a classy President!


It’s the new toy at show and tell…

2 02 2010

When you don’t have a new truck or doll to bring for your school’s show-and-tell, just bring your teleprompter.

That’s our President – the great orator – unable to speak in an elementary school without electronic assistance.

Team Obama: You can borrow my calculator…

25 01 2010

Apparently Team Obama, spending so much money on stimulus street signs and other wasteful things, can’t afford a decent calculator.

Today, making the Sunday news shows, three Team Obama members gave wildly different numerical totals for how many jobs the stimulus has created.

Valerie Jarrett: “thousands and thousands”

David Axelrod: “saved or created more than 2 million”

Robert Gibbs: “saved or created 1.5 million”

So – does anyone know where my money has gone and how many jobs my tax money has saved or created???


The Funny Thing About Ellie Light…

25 01 2010

Here is the new grassroots Obamanation try…just lie, lie, lie.

Someone named Ellie Light has written oven a dozen letters to the editor in over a dozen U.S. newspapers trying to drum up support for Obama, saying that “governing is hard work” and that “It is time for American’s to realize there isn’t a magic want to fix everything“.

The problem for Ellie is that she has lied about her hometown in order to get published in each of the papers. She responded to a reporter asking why she wrote these letters, and said she was motivated by surprise and wonderment at the absence of any media support of our president.

Absence of ANY media support of the president? Are you kidding Ellie?

So she takes matters in her own hand and lies to get the word out. No wonder there is a LIE in Ellie.

Read the story here.


Hey Pepsi: Throwback This…

19 01 2010

Remember a year ago, when Pepsi redesigned their logo to mimick Obama’s Hopenchange logo?

It didn’t sit well with me either…and I havn’t had a Pepsi product all year.

Now it is funny to see their new campaign – a “throwback” can of Pepsi with the old logo. I wonder how sales have been going since their “hope” logo was introduced…and since Obama’s poll numbers have fallen….


Harry Reid was….right?

13 01 2010

So he said this two years ago, noticing what many of us did, that Obama “fakes a Negro dialect in order to impress African-American voters.”

He was right. Wrong to say it…but right.

I noticed it while Obama campaigned. Well – Obama is still campaigning, but you know, the electable campaign back in 08.  He stepped up the bro-isims when in front of an African-American crowd. HE is the one doing it…so who cares that someone else has noticed it and said something about it?


After No Rest, Now No Finger Pointing…

5 01 2010

Oh the hits keep coming….

After proclaiming that “we will not rest” until the Christmas Day attempted airline bombing was figured out (and then he went golfing while vacationing in Hawaii), Obama has topped that with today’s quote to his security chiefs. He said:

“While there will be a tendency for finger pointing, I will not tolerate it”

I just fell off my chair. After his first year point the finger at Bush and blaming him for – well – everything – Commander Cool basically just told everyone to not blame him for this.