Don’t like Obamacare? You are not alone.

30 11 2009

Obamacare has become so confusing as it works its way through the Senate that I don’t even know what is in it¬†anymore. All I know is that when you have to have a committee vote on a Saturday night to be sneaky enough to get it moving to the next step…that tells me it is a rotten fish.

Evidently Americans are also waking up – or expressing their confusion too. In a Rasmussen poll only 38% now favor Obamacare – and 56% oppose it – the highest numbers of opposition yet.


Obamacare Lingo

6 10 2009

It seems that part of the plan in passing healthcare reform (reform that most Americans do not want) is adding in aj0282851new language most people don’t understand. Perhaps liberals are thinking people that don’t know these terms will be too embarrassed to ask what they are, and just go with their plan.

So here is my attempt to define three of the latest healthcare buzz words:

VAPOR BILL – this is a piece of legislation that has no words. Favored by Democrats to try to quickly get a bill passed so they can add words later – words of their choosing. This is why it is difficult for them to read the bill….it has no words. It sounds…I don’t know… tricky??

CADILLAC PLAN – this is not my plan to get the new SRX Crossover…but the term to describe a huge tax Democrats will impose on insurance companies – a tax that they are counting on to raise money to pay for the healthcare plan. It is a 35% tax on insurance companies that offer individual plans that cost more than $8,000 – or family plans that cost more than $21,000. So if you want to insure your family really well – and you want – and can afford – a generous health insurance plan – the insurance company you buy this from has to pay a 35% penalty for offering you what you want. So guess what happens? They are going to pass that cost along to you. So people won’t pay extra for generous insurance; insurance companies will go out of business because no one is buying their product, and everyone will end up in the government’s plan, and now the government does not have a revenue stream to pay for it.

THE EXCHANGE, OR EXCHANGE CREDIT – this is a tax credit for certain low income people for the purpose of purchasing health insurance. So they get a tax credit for purchasing insurance, which under the government’s plan, everyone will be required to have. If you don’t have insurance, you pay a tax penalty of 2.5%. Read: free insurance for lower incomes or redistribution of wealth.