Some “then and now” facts

5 09 2012

When Obama took office, Democrats held:

• 56 Senate seats. It is 51 now (plus two independents who align mostly with the Democrats).

• 257 seats in the House of Representatives. It is 190 now (there are also three vacancies for seats last held by Democrats).

• 29 of the 50 governorships. It is 20 now.

• 4,073 state legislative seats. It is 3,319 now


When Obama took office:

Unemployment was 7.8%. It is 8.3% now

Median Income was $54,983. It is not $50,964

Gas prices were $1.85 per gallon. They are $3.78 now (Sept 2012)

National debt was $10.6 trillion. It is now $15.9 trillion as of September 2, 2012

41% of voters said they identified themselves as Democrats; today 33% say they identify themselves as Democrats.

I’d say that is some signs that we are NOT better off than when Obama took office.