I’ve just been told I’m for “death and disease”

12 09 2009

Now the scolding from the side that wants mandatory healthcare for everyone, with 8% penalties for employers, with 2.5% taxes on Americans who do not have coverage…comes this:

Those like me that are opposed to Obama’s healthcare reform are for “death and disease”

This is what an Orlando, Florida group said on Saturday, the same day an estimated 2 million gathered in Washingtonlive912 D.C. to protest big government, out of control spending and basically the Obama administration’s handling of everything. Here is a traffic cam look at the crowd. Nice turnout and barely a scratch to the surface of the frustration that is building in this country.

Supporters of Obamacare need to seriously read the bill. There is some very, very scary and expensive stuff in there just to get 11% of Americans who don’t have health insurance covered.

Obama is taking this very personally. He is making this an issue about him and rallying his troops to pass this for him.

Anyone holding up a pro Obamacare sign should be asked if they have even read the bill and understand what this means for them. And they need to stop saying that because I don’t support massive debt to pay for government mandated and government run healthcare that I’m for “death and disease.”

Good luck treating your diseases with Obama care and be sure to make your required “Advance Death Planning” meeting before you die – supporters. Read the bill – it is in there!