Halloween: Time To Hang Your Hateful Decorations…

19 10 2009

A repeatable reminder of just a year ago:

Now that Liberals – and the White House staff – are claiming that conservatives are full of hate and rage, I thought this Palinhalloweena good time to remind myself of the mannequin of Sarah Palin hanging from a West Hollywood home. A year ago, this was considered “art” and “holiday decor” – the act was not denounced then by candidate Obama.  The Rev. Jackson or Al Sharpton did not come to the defense. Where was Oprah? Whoopie? I don’t remember ANY liberal news organization saying this was in bad taste, reckless, hateful or …anything!

A reminder of what the homeowner said at the time:

Chad Michael Morisette, who lives in the house, told CBS 2 News that drivers and bus passengers have been stopping to snap pictures of the macabre scene.

Morisette says the effigy would be out of bounds at any other time of year, but it’s within the spirit of Halloween.

He says “it should be seen as art, and as within the month of October. It’s Halloween, it’s time to be scary it’s time to be spooky.”

But…. average Americans attending town hall meetings expressing frustration over the performance record of the people THEY have hired are considered “mobs” and “hateful”. A politician that shouts “You Lie” when the President was lying is called hateful. It’s a funny standard liberals have, isn’t it!

Yeah it is time to be scared and spooky: Obama is in the White House, we have record deficits, no war strategy, a bogged down health care bill that most Americans say they don’t need, Cash for Anything, record unemployment…there is more scary stuff than there is candy in a 10-year-old’s trick-or-treat bag.