President Silence

15 06 2009

As he did during the American hostage/pirate conflict, Obama has taken days to say anything about last week’s Presidential election in Iran that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Proving again he is unable to think quickly on his feet, silence is the course of action.

Last week’s election was expected to be close between Mir Hussein Mousari and Mahoud Ahmedinejad (the incumbent). But when Ahmedinejad was declared the winner, public unrest ensued. Mousari reportedly lost his own hometown vote¬†and protesters knowing better¬†took to the streets. Reports have varied throughout the last few days and video shows protesters being beaten to death. Over 1 million have been reported on the streets in groups as long as 5 miles. Ahmedinejad called the protesters “weeds and dirt” and shut down texting to limit their communication.

This is a huge news story with significant ramifications to the United States. Obama does not need to choose a side, but he should acknowledge the situation and tell us – and them – what his administration is doing to look into this.

But what do we get from Obama? Silence.