Safety vs. Fuel Economy

19 05 2009

Obama announced a new national fuel economy plan today. He is mandating cars be 35.5 miles per gallon (they are 25 miles per gallon now). He says we will save $2,800 over the life of our cars by not having to buy more fuel. Heck, we can save that much just when fuel prices drop after we start drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh – sorry – forgot this administration is not looking for new energy sources – just ways to make us comply with old resources.

Beyond the Rose Garden celebration was barely mentioned the fact that fuel effecient cars tend to be smaller, and some argue, more dangerous. There are estimates that this might raise excess deaths of 800 annually. Plus the cost of cars will increase by $600. Add to this that personal automobiles are not major contributors to greenhouse gasses.

REPEATABLE: Pay more to save more, and risk more. Plus loose your choice to pick the car that is best for you. But it all sounds good when Obama pitches it – happy trees and meadows. I can’t wait to hit a pothole with a car that will weigh less than my dining room table….


The $328,835 Obama Publicity Photo

7 05 2009

Hey fellow taxpayer, you just paid over a quarter of a million dollars to gas up a 747, fly it over New York City, scare the hell out of lower Manhattan because you didn’t want the public to know about it….just to take a photo of an airplane with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

And you don’t even have the pictures to show for it. Yet.

Media outletsare reporting that the White House will now release a photo of the President’s plane, flying empty with military jet escort. They didn’t want to release it at first…which started rumors that the plane was really flying Michelle Obama and friends around for a joy ride. There are plenty of amateur video and photos out there of the incident, but getting an official White House photo is even sweeter.

REPEATABLE: Obama wants you to cut the thermostat back to “sacrifice” and save costs ….but then his administration wastes jet fuel and taxpayer money on useless photo opportunities. There is a sound energy plan: you conserve and I’ll waste.

Obama’s Earth Day Fuel Blowout

24 04 2009

On Earth Day, April 22, Obama flew Marine One to Air Force One to Iowa to give a speech, saying we need a “new era of energy exploration in America.” He blew through 9,000 gallons of fuel for the round trip.

REPEATABLE: A new era of energy exploration could begin in the hanger at Andrews Air Force Base by keeping the big airplane parked and making your speech on TV instead.