Obama’s New Energy Tax

29 06 2009

Cap and Trade – the new Obama Administration energy tax passed last week in the House – is a mammoth government building program that will cost Americans who use energy (read: all of us). An Oklahoma Senator estimated it will cost citizens of his state an extra $3,200 a year, while Washington begins to build a huge government agency to buy and sell certificates to carbon producing businesses.

So now we penalize those who produce the energy we consume. And we get to pay more for it. While oil sits, untapped, in the Gulf of Mexico.

The best news is that 44 Democrats in the House voted NO to this bill.

Now it goes to the Senate this fall, where many are saying it will be defeated. If you drive a car or use electricity in your work or home, you should hope it will be defeated too.

REPEATABLE: Spending money on new government programs to regulate and tax energy producers is no energy plan.