The $150 Million Dollar Drug

11 08 2009

Just the pill Obamacare needs to pass: the drug companies are pledging $150 million dollars to run ads to support Obamacare.

Obama – you know the transparent guy who says no lobbyists or special interests in his administration -made an early deal with the drug companies and promised prescription drugs would not be sold for less with the government’s plan.

With slipping public support – enter the drug companies with $150 million dollars to come to the rescue.

Imagine if they applied the $150 million dollars to a “Pills for People” program or discounted drugs for just a month or something to stimulate the economy, rather than waste it on ads.

But no, they are going to spend more than John McCain spent on his entire Presidential campaign just to support the Obamacare effort.

And isn’t it nice to know now – before the bill even passes – that our prescription costs won’t be dropping because Obama already cut that deal for the drug companies’ support.