Going, world, president: Romney’s words of the last debate

23 10 2012

Again, the word clouds tell such a story about the Presidential debates. The last debate was last night. There were two men on my TV screen: a President and another guy wearing a blue tie. Obama was wearing a blue tie. Romney looked, and sounded, like the President. Obama became snarky again, with smirks and rambling statements, with outright lies on top.

The word clouds again show the trend of discussion. Romney’s most used words were: going, world and president (president lower case, as in “when I am president”, not uppercase when he would refer to Obama by his current title).

Obama’s most used words? Make. Going. Governor. Again, he referenced his opponent most often! So to recap, in the first debate, Obama’s top three words were Governor, make, going. Second debate was Governor, make, going and last night was make, going, Governor. Hmmm I see a trend of nothingness there.

And only one candidate used the word peace. Guess who? Yep – Romney. Peace is a good word to use in a foreign policy debate.

So now the debates are over and they will go down in history for changing the election. Romney’s decisive victory in the first debate was epic and his surge has been unmatched. Even IF he does not win, history will show the importance that these debates have had.


Word clouds really tell the story

8 10 2012

An amazing tell-all picture from last week’s Presidential debate: the word clouds.

Here is Romney’s and note the most used word: PEOPLE






And here is Obama’s, and the most used word? Governor. He spent more time talking about his opponent than the issues!