Words of the second presidential debate

17 10 2012

What a contentious debate! Reviews are mixed, and not suprisingly most in Obama’s favor, but I think Romney did a very good job looking Presidential, answering each question (when Obama skipped two), and catching Obama in several lies.

Here are the word clouds from last night.

Romney: People Get Going – were the three most used words

Obama: Governor Make Going – were Obama’s

Again, he talks about his opponent more than his plan.

The whopper lie of the night was:

Obama: The day after the attack, governor, I stood in the Rose Garden and I told the American people in the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened. That this was an act of terror and I also said that we’re going to hunt down those who committed this crime.

But what he said on Sept 12 in the Rose Garden was:

“No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation

He did not say the attack the night before was an act of terrorism.

What is important here is that if there is an attack of terrorism – we need to know. We don’t need a President who thinks about it for weeks on end, takes his time and studies the matter and it’s political implications. We now know the intelligence was there and the attack was observed in real time.

It was a stunning mis-use of words, and a flat out lie for Obama to say he called it terrorism within 24 hours.


Debate One Transcript

7 10 2012

After the past couple days, it has been interesting to see the Obama camp spin on the debate. They blame Romney. Others blame the altitude. They say Romney is lying. The moderator was bad. They are saying everything except “the President blew it.”

I just read the debate transcript. You can see how many times Obama interrupted the moderator and can see that he really did have more time (52% of the total talk time to Romney’s 47%). It is just that he didn’t say much in the time he talked. And it is CLEAR from the transcript that Obama’s plan for the future is non-existent.

His plan, clearly, is to focus on Romney and what a terrible person he is.

I hope Romney can keep the focus on Obama’s bad first term results and focus on his own different, upbeat plans for the future.

My “college freshman blame the middle school teacher” analogy

4 10 2012

Last night was the first debate between a very wimpy President and an eager Republican challenger.

It was a clear and decisive victory for Romney. Even the liberal media agree.

Though much is being written on every detail, one of the largest things that continues to annoy me is how Obama keeps blaming Bush. A total of 5 times last night he referenced how bad things were when he stepped into the Oval office. He keeps trying to evoke that memory to shift attention from the fact that he has done nothing to improve whatever situation he was handed.

So my analogy is this:

When Obama took office, a kid was a high school Freshman. That kid is now a freshman in college! Can you imagine that kid getting a bad grade, and arguing with their college professor that the bad grade was their middle school teacher’s fault? Can you imagine that kid saying it was because of middle school they are not doing well? That professor would say “well then what the hell did you do to improve yourself during 4 years of high school?”

And that’s exactly what Romney told Obama last night.