Guess Which President Will Have The Largest Deficit?

23 05 2009

Yes, it is the One who just admitted we are out of money. During the 5th month of his term.

debt-deficits 509


Obama Says We Are Out Of Money

23 05 2009

In a Saturday, May 23 interview with CSPAN Obama was asked with 1.7 trillion debt and deficit of 11 trillion at what point do we run out of money? His answer:  “Well we are out of money now.”

We were out of money before he tried to “jump start” the economy with a $787 billion stimulus package.

The Congressional Budget office has a nice graphic pointing out our debt realities too, with a squiggly line going off the charts with Obama’s proposed budget. Debt held by public 509

Presidential refresher:

Jimmy Carter, 1976 – 1979

Ronald Reagan, 1980 -1987

George Bush, 1988 – 1991

Bill Clinton, 1992-1999

George W. Bush, 2000 – 2008

Barack Obama, 2009 – see line off the chart

This on the heels of a new Rasmussen survey that the biggest problem in this country is the unwillingness of politicians to control government spending.

REPEATABLE: This spending is all our fault – our American arrogance. And it is Bush’s fault. Whatever it is, it surely cannot be Obama’s fault. Stock up on sugar and canned goods – inflation is coming. And we have not even started paying for Obama’s national healthcare plan.

New Math

11 05 2009

The Obama administration got a new, bigger calculator.

And their deficit numbers have gotten larger.

They now say the 2009 deficit will be $1.84 TRILLION – up more than 89 billion they forcasted in February 09.May09deficitprojection

They also say the 2010 deficit will be $1.26 TRILLION – up more than 87 billion forcasted in February 09.

The 2008 deficit was $459 billion. Ah the good old days.

Remember the budget numbers are drawn up from FireBoy Peter Orszag – the Budget Director that tried to start a fire in his new office fireplace back in January until realizing the fireplace is sealed closed – causing an evacuation of the building. He’s just that smart.

And of course, Peter has blamed Obama’s deficits on former President Bush.

REPEATABLE: This is the beginning of redistribution of wealth. Watch as taxes slowly start to rise in an effort to pay down this deficit. When the Obama administration tries to blame their spending on Bush – 5 months into their administration – you know they are setting you up for something….