The Most Sketchy Obama ad to date

26 09 2012

IF you are informed, then you know it: the latest Obama ad is the most sketchiest ad to date.

It shows the “secret” video someone took at a Romney fundraiser where he was talking ELECTION STRATEGY about how there is 47% of the population he can’t do anything about because they are going to vote for Obama no matter what. Our PRESIDENT actually is showing footage of that illegally taken video in an ad, that he approved, and then he shows the faces of firefighters, teachers, and normal people who fall in that 47%.  He has totally taken the video and Romney’s remarks out of context and made it seem worse than it ever was.

Then in the same ad, he says Romney paid a lower tax rate than most Americans. Oh my god! Romney pays a lower rate because he earns investment income! It is not payroll tax – which is a higher rate. It is LEGAL. Obama DOES IT TOO.

Obama is deliberately misleading Americans twice in one ad. I just simply cannot believe the President of the United States has stooped this low to mislead Americans just to save his own job.

Talk about the economy Obama. Talk about your failed foreign policy. Talk about your plan for Social Security? (crickets chirping) Talk about jobs. But NO, he does nothing like this, but instead runs misleading ads like this.

Never will I respect this horrible excuse for a leader.