Romney behind in the polls? Read this.

26 09 2012

What a great find on the Ace of Spades blog. A story of the Reagan/Carter election with media “predictions”, datelines that those media stories ran, and the final outcome of the election.

It goes to show you that even decades later – the media will try to make you believe the polls are in the Democrat’s favor.

The blog article is here.


War of the Words – Pretty Evenly Divided

7 09 2012

This is a fascinating graph that shows category clouds of words spoken at both the Democrat and Republican convention. Though they are suprisingly evenly divided, you can see threads of trends by the parties. For instance, God is spoken more by Republicans; Democrats like to talk about women more than God.

The graph is here.

Most Polarizing President Evah…

26 01 2010

The trend has been there all year, but now Gallup has a full year of data to back it:

Obama is the most polarizing President ever.

He has a 65% percentage point gap – the difference between what Republicans and Democrats rate his job approval.

See the graph here. So much for Hopenchange!


He’s Still Slidin’…

27 12 2009

I’ve been a bit busy with the holidays and have not had time to sift through my usual diet of Obama disaster stories. I was wondering if with this sneaky Christmas Eve Senate passage of a Obamacare bill if Americans are still in love with Obama or if he is still slidin’.

He’s still slidin’.

From trusty Rasmussen Reports, another squiggly line graph that nicely shows people who don’t like him, still don’t like him, and have more company in that category.

Only three more years to go…


Still Slidin…

3 11 2009

Oh my: Obama’s still not on a roll. The mojo and magic of a year ago is lost in poll numbers that show what readers of this blog monthly_total_approval_october_2009know: he’s an awful President.

For October, according to Rasmussen Reports, Obama’s “strongly approved” rating fell to 29% – the lowest of his presidency. And for the 3rd straight month, his “strongly disapproved” stayed at 39%.

Those numbers are amazing considering most of America still gets news from antique media – which has proven to be favorably biased towards Obama. Imagine the reality if they all did their own research and found out what his policies really mean, how much money he’s really spent and what is really behind the “image” of hopenchange.


Hopenchange: Wrong Track

8 10 2009

It all seemed so promising this time last year. All the campaign speeches about “Hope and Change”, “Change we canobameter_promiseBroken believe in” and all that stuff. Most Americans bought it. The wisest of us did not.

And now it seems most Americans are becoming wise.

A great link here to Real Clear Politics Right Direction/Wrong Track survey results. There has been no surge of agreement that this country is on the right direction even since Mr. Hopenchange took office. Their post includes many other surveys, including liberal ones. Only 36% say the country is in the right direction, while 58.8% say it is wrong. Those are some stunningly upside down numbers for a new administration only 10 months old – an administration that ran a campaign entirely on the promise of CHANGE.


On the way to Denmark….

29 09 2009

Here is some recommended reading for President Obama for this week’s plane trip to Denmark.

I realize he is so worried about landing the Olympics for Chicago, his hometown, that he – and the usual extensive corps of Presidential security detail – must fly to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympic bid. It’s a long trip, so here is some reading he can do:

He could read Rasmussen Report’s latest poll on his job approval. In case this takes too long to read, here are some graphs:









That graph is a little negative, so let’s read one that has a positive color, like green:









Oh, that graph IS green, but it also is a little negative.

While on the subject of GREEN, I wonder what the carbon footprint of his trip will be? And the First Lady is making the trip as well, with other White House staffers, in another plane because she has to leave earlier.

Back to reading: He could also pre-order Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rouge”. A reported 1.5 million copies have already been ordered. It will be out in November, but by then, he should have lots of time on his hands after he has fixed healthcare, made a decision on Afghanistan, finalized his Gittmo plan, stabilized the housing market, revitalized unemployment..and all that other pesky Presidential stuff.

So with these graphs so negative, and such a lengthy “to do” list – how does he have the time to lobby for his hometown’s Olympic bid?