An Obama Win Means Democrats Lose

5 11 2012

I have a different take on a possible Obama win in tomorrow’s election: it will set the Democrat party back for YEARS.

My thoughts:

The country is divided, more so than in 2008. Obama cannot heal, he can only divide. His entire campaign was based on fear and divisive tactics. His four-year presidency was based on isolation, not integration. He couldn’t even get one democrat to vote for his budget.

An Obama victory, though tough to swallow, would energize the right, not defeat it. Much the same way you saw the birth of the Tea Party movement immediately after Obama’s election, you would see more grassroots, organic energy against him based from frustration that he would do nothing to help heal.

Fast forward to the 2014 mid-term elections – and that is where the shift could take a more permanent turn, similar to what happened in 2010. Republicans might take back the Senate; by then we’ve all fallen off the fiscal cliff; public opinion sours with the completion of multiple tax forms and red tape related to Obamacare and the Benghazi scandal has reached full disclosure, taking with it the impossibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  By then, Obama will be more disengaged than ever – bored with the job and more interested in shooting hoops.

Because Obama cannot heal, Republicans will gain and their gains will be more substantial and longer lasting than a second, 4-year Obama presidency. If you are a Democrat and can see this, you are probably terrified of what happens post Obama term two.

I want Romney to win. And if you are a Democrat looking at the long-term picture of your cause(s), you probably should too.


Home stretch Obama tactic: my feelings are hurt

2 11 2012

Grab the tissues people, we’ve got a campaign winner here.

I see the last week strategy of the Obama campaign, after attack after attack after attack – he’s going soft with his feelings.

First was earlier this week with Bill Clinton, who as a stand-in for Obama due to Hurricane Sandy said he talked with Obama earlier that morning and Obama told him that his feelings are hurt. Romney is running an ad saying Jeeps are going to be made in China. This hurts Obama’s feelings because his first new car was a Jeep.

A pro-Obama Facebook page is running a story how Obama is the most disrespected President ever.

And Obama brushed aside a reporter asking questions about Libya this week, saying something to the effect of anyone who would think he misled the public hurts his feelings.

So here comes the play: we are going for the sympathy vote here in the last few days. I guess they think by him saying how his feelings are hurt, independents will say “oh no!” and vote for him to stay another four years in office. Because those independents will surely put aside their own economic challenges; their career stagnation; rising gas prices – you know – those other issues will be put aside because our President needs a hanky to cry in and a vote to let him keep his job.

Remember – our President – those soft feelings – that guy who as a kid pushed a girl down on the playground to avoid being teased himself. Give me a break!

Obama’s green light to terrorists

29 10 2012

Missing from the discussion and moderate reporting of the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya is the green light Obama is giving to terrorists.

The attack happened on September 11. To this day (October 28), the President of the United States still says they are “gathering facts”. To me, that says “green light to go” to terrorists.

Because of the President’s bumbling, we are obviously showing that we as a country that we don’t know what we are doing. Did we know the attack was happening? Did we watch it in “real time”? Did we really have armed drones capable of ending the attack but didn’t use them?

It is like we are walking around on the world stage with our fly open.

The intellegence information would have been available to Obama immediately. There is no need to wait ALMOST 7 WEEKS before letting the American people know what happened. By informing the public, you also inform the terrorists that we are on this, and that our country, while attacked, is sharp, united and going to deal with it. By NOT informing the public, you inform the terrorists that we are bumbling fools.

Green light to proceed to terrorists.


Binders of Bullshit

18 10 2012


The liberals have grabbed onto the meme “binders of women” like they found honey dripping off trees.

Binders of women? No, actually this is the petition Notre Dame students signed to keep Obama from speaking at their Commencement. I couldn’t resist using the image!

The battle cry against Romney stems from his comment in the debate Tuesday when he was describing the binders of women his team brought him at his request as he was filling his cabinet as Governor of Massachussetts.

So instead of applauding the Governor for recognizing that applicants were not diverse enough (too many men) and instead of recognizing his extra effort to speak to women’s groups to seek out more women applicants, they instead seize on his comment as if it was some type of slander against estrogen bearing individuals.

Obama and Biden have refered to the binders of women on the campaign trail. It really has gotten that bad.

By making fun of the term, they are actually highlighting the good that Romney did. How refreshing the Romney identified that women were not represented in his applicant pool. How wonderful that he took action to get more to apply. What is wrong with this story? That he didn’t put the word “resumes” behind “binders of women”

If we are going to get into parsing words, let’s talk about the President’s tip toe use of the word terror in that Rose Garden speech on Sept 12. The mispeaking of THAT is far more pressing than the fact that Romney didn’t say the word “resumes” .

This is a binders of bullshit story.  And it will backfire.


Four days of prep for 11 questions

17 10 2012

It took Obama 4 days of studying at a golf resort in Virginia to answer 11 questions at last night’s debate. And two of the questions he never answered!

Maybe we can commission a debate with, like, 200 questions so he will go away for months to “prepare”?


Words of the second presidential debate

17 10 2012

What a contentious debate! Reviews are mixed, and not suprisingly most in Obama’s favor, but I think Romney did a very good job looking Presidential, answering each question (when Obama skipped two), and catching Obama in several lies.

Here are the word clouds from last night.

Romney: People Get Going – were the three most used words

Obama: Governor Make Going – were Obama’s

Again, he talks about his opponent more than his plan.

The whopper lie of the night was:

Obama: The day after the attack, governor, I stood in the Rose Garden and I told the American people in the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened. That this was an act of terror and I also said that we’re going to hunt down those who committed this crime.

But what he said on Sept 12 in the Rose Garden was:

“No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation

He did not say the attack the night before was an act of terrorism.

What is important here is that if there is an attack of terrorism – we need to know. We don’t need a President who thinks about it for weeks on end, takes his time and studies the matter and it’s political implications. We now know the intelligence was there and the attack was observed in real time.

It was a stunning mis-use of words, and a flat out lie for Obama to say he called it terrorism within 24 hours.


He Flew a 747 to go 155 miles

15 10 2012

In the category of “wasteful spending”, Obama just flew his 747 from Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, to Newport News, Virginia.

A driving distance of 155 miles. A shorter distance to fly.

Why didn’t he take Marine One and the decoy helicopters and save the taxpayers a few dimes?

Air Force One reportedly costs $179,750 an hour to fly, though the exact amount seems difficult to pin point. I couldn’t easily find what the helicopter costs, but golly gee I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it is cheaper that the gas guzzling 747.

I’m also going to go out on a limb and guess the reason he flew AFO is to park it at the busy corner where the Newport News airport is – the corner of an interstate and major road. It will be there for four days while Obama prepares for the second presidential debate, otherwise known as his “gotta figure out what the hell I’ve been doing the past 3 1/2 years and what the hell I am going to tell people I will do in the next four” retreat. A retreat he is taking at a golf resort. But I digress…

So to recap: he took Marine One from the White House to Andrews to get on his 747 to fly 10 minutes to Newport News to get in his motorcade to drive 15 minutes to the golf resort. (And even if this is filed as an official campaign trip he only pays for the cost of a charter 737 plane; the extras for his transportation and security are at our expense)

He could have taken Marine One from the White House directly to Kingsmill.

Just saying.