Next President: A Republican?

16 11 2009

That’s what a Rasmussen survey of likely voters just said. 58% said that the next President will likely be a Republican. And of that, 31% said VERY  likely. These numbers have been edging up since Obama took office. Wonder why…

Read the survey here.


Grrrr…The Angry Americans

22 09 2009

One reason I started a blog was to help vent my anger. Apparently more Americans need to start up blogging – or something.

Rasmussen Reports today released a poll that says 66% of voters surveyed are somewhat angry about current policies of government. And 60% believe neither party has the answer.  And this a mere 9 months into Admin Hopenchange.scoul

90% of the Republicans; 44% of the Democrats and 77% of the not affiliated said they are somewhat angry.

This dilutes the “right wing angry mob” myth sponsored by the Obama administration. There appears to be enough discontent to go around. For 44% of Democrats to say they are somewhat ANGRY…oh my…

Where’s the Republican Plan? Well here’s another…

15 09 2009

Obama mocked Republicans again today in a speech before more of his union supporters – saying “where is their plan?”

There are several, but this one has recently come to my attention…and I like it.

Here is the bill HR 3400 – Empowering Patients First Act.

It gives tax credits and deductions on a sliding scale so you can purchase insurance – and you can use pre tax dollars to buy coverage. It allows small businesses and groups (like Chamber of Commerce’s) to pool together to buy insurance. It allows you to purchase insurance across state lines. And it advocates establishment of health courts that know how to accurately assess medical liability cases – rather than the way lawsuits work now where anyone sues and the sympathy of a soccer mom on a jury determines randomly excessive awards. Nothing against soccer moms, but I -if on a jury – would not have any idea on how to put a dollar amount on unfortunate damages.

It is a good plan that does not completely revamp our society. It does not make businesses pay 8% penalties for not having adequate coverage for employees. It does not make citizens pay a 2.5% tax if you do not have insurance.

Too bad Obama and the Democrats are so entrenched in winning this that they cannot recognize another good plan when it comes along. In fact, Obama chooses to ignore it.


The Republican Health Care Plan

13 08 2009

Enough of the Obamaspin.

Take a look at the Republican health care plan. Government is out of your life, but there to assist when you are too young to land a job with health benefits or too old to keep insurance when you move jobs. It recognizes that out of control lawsuits have everything to do with rising healthcare costs. It REWARDS small businesses with tax incentives when they offer health care (rather than the Democrats TAX PENALTY of 8% if you don’t take the government’s plan)

The only item I don’t see that would be nice is a catastrophic provision – which is ultimately the worry of all of us.

Obamacare is in a tailspin. Look at what has just happened from one person’s post on Facebook: Singlehandly from her comment on Facebook, Sarah Palin has managed to get removed the “Advance Death Care Planning” provision that was in his bill. Today the Finance Committee removed Death Care Planning less than a week after she posted her comment – saying government had no business in end of life decisions. This only became an issue when Palin referred to this as a “death panel”.

The Republican plan will never take root because Democrats will block it. That’s too bad because it is simple, easy to understand, and looks effective. It is not a complete rewrite of health care that would be difficult to restore if it didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Obama is out there trying to get you to believe that his government can run a massive program like this, while saying in the same speech that the U.S. Postal Service – a government agency – is not run as well as FedEx or UPS. And he said this two weeks after another government program, Cash for Clunkers, ran out of money because they planned so poorly.


Conservative Celebrities

14 07 2009

When you think of Hollywood you think of crazy liberals (one of the reasons I don’t go to movies – I have no interest in supporting the Hollywood Democrat elite.) But not all of Hollywood is liberal. Here is a great list of conservative – or right leaning – celebrities. Click here.


9-12 March On Washington

8 07 2009

The Tea Parties of  Tea Parties is being planned for September 12 in Washington D.C.

Already 9,000 have registered to attend.

Details are here. The 9-12 March is intended to capture the return to America feel we all had on 9-12-2001 – the day after the September 11 attacks. While 1,500 cities had Tea Parties this past weekend, this march will combine them all and hopefully get our elected officials to take notice that we won’t take excessive government spending anymore.


Well done, Sarah Palin

7 07 2009

I’m a big fan of freshness in Washington D.C. – and no one who is there now seems to be bringing in the fresh air.

The Obama Administration has proven 7 months into their term to be more of the same – and worse. With the highest deficits ever, taxes raised as early as 4 months into their term, their arrogance to dissenters and dismissal to the economic divide (you lower your thermostat but I need to raise mine) – they have proven to be no solution.

Many hope Sarah Palin will be a contender for President. For now, I’m happy with her just being unleashed.

Her announcement Friday, July 3 that she will not be seeking reelection for Alaska governor and will leave the post at the end of this month is fantastic.

Liberals have no ground now on which to attack her. They can’t attack her governor record or sue her for any mythical ethics violations. They can’t criticize her travel or her family, because now she is a private citizen.

I hope now we can hear more about what she wants to say. She does not have to worry about her full time job as Alaska’s governor. She can now write a book and make millions. She can make jokes about how ugly David Letterman’s kids are. She can move to the lower 48 and make people nervous. She can travel the world and call herself an envoy to something and get experiences she couldn’t when tied down as governor.

Maybe for Halloween she will hang an effigy of someone she does not like and call it art (remember the West Hollywood home where an effigy of Palin was hung at Halloween and called “art”)

I think it is a great move and I can’t wait to hear more about what she wants to say.

REPEATABLE: Media and pundits: quit trying to project your guess of her intentions on her. She’s not going away – she will let us know what is next. Just take an Alaskan chill pill and go along with the ride.