I’m good on my team – not theirs

7 11 2012

I’m proud to be Republican and to have voted for Mitt. I would have liked to have seen how someone new could address the issues of our day. In the end, the county where I live went for Mitt, as did my family and my friends that are closest to me, and so did 57 million other Americans – proof enough that I am among good company.

I’m not a fan of class warfare, fear mongering, and derisive comments about American citizens. Add in some name calling, woman-minimizing and flat out lying, and Obama just really isn’t my kind of guy.

I should have known we were toast after watching the videos of Obama voters who didn’t know who his running mate was, and the Obama voters who thought he did great in the first debate when they were interviewed hours before the debate even happened. Add in those undercover videos in Obama for America offices where they thought it was cool when asked how to register to vote in two states. With a population like this actually voting it makes it hard for a competing candidate to be successful with substantial arguments.

I’m good on my team – I’d rather not be on theirs.


An Obama Win Means Democrats Lose

5 11 2012

I have a different take on a possible Obama win in tomorrow’s election: it will set the Democrat party back for YEARS.

My thoughts:

The country is divided, more so than in 2008. Obama cannot heal, he can only divide. His entire campaign was based on fear and divisive tactics. His four-year presidency was based on isolation, not integration. He couldn’t even get one democrat to vote for his budget.

An Obama victory, though tough to swallow, would energize the right, not defeat it. Much the same way you saw the birth of the Tea Party movement immediately after Obama’s election, you would see more grassroots, organic energy against him based from frustration that he would do nothing to help heal.

Fast forward to the 2014 mid-term elections – and that is where the shift could take a more permanent turn, similar to what happened in 2010. Republicans might take back the Senate; by then we’ve all fallen off the fiscal cliff; public opinion sours with the completion of multiple tax forms and red tape related to Obamacare and the Benghazi scandal has reached full disclosure, taking with it the impossibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  By then, Obama will be more disengaged than ever – bored with the job and more interested in shooting hoops.

Because Obama cannot heal, Republicans will gain and their gains will be more substantial and longer lasting than a second, 4-year Obama presidency. If you are a Democrat and can see this, you are probably terrified of what happens post Obama term two.

I want Romney to win. And if you are a Democrat looking at the long-term picture of your cause(s), you probably should too.

New Voter Response to Obama for America

24 10 2012

A personal story:

We have a new registered voter in our household, 18-years-old, and he got a call last night from Obama for America.

“Can President Obama count on you for your vote?” they asked.

His response: “He can count on me when I can count on him, so no, I can’t vote for him”

Then he took his ROTC bayonet and stabbed the wall. Just kidding on that last part, I couldn’t resist the bayonet comment as he HAS used one in the two months he has been in ROTC.


The Path to Victory: Consensus Building

10 10 2012

With under 4 weeks to go until the election and the polls tied, there is a great tool Romney can whip out of the ‘ole tool bag: his success at consensus building.

After the last debate, the Fox News’ focus group went off the dial in agreement during one segment: it was when Romney was talking about how he accomplished the improbable in Massachusetts by being elected a Republican in a majority Democratic state, and how he reached across the aisle to get things done. Everyone in that focus group liked what he was saying. They WANT our elected leaders to work together.

Preparing for the Oct 3 debate, with himself (the empty chair next to him)

This is the opposite of what Obama has done. Much has been written of his singular approach. He does not mix and mingle with members of Congress, there is no networking, and he has said in his next term, he will work around Congress to get things done. Michelle Obama recently said on a radio talk show that her husband has done a really good job of working around Congress.

But that is not what people want. It might be what hardcore liberals want, but not the majority. It is also not what President Hopenchange ran on.

Obama has no record on consensus building. Romney does. Obama could not even get one democrat to vote for his budget. Twice. He could not even get one democrat to put their name to his “jobs bill”. He does not share his fundraising money with the DNC nor does he share the spotlight with any candidate on the trail.

No matter which side you are on, you can see the polls are split. One side will eventually win. If Obama wins – we remain split because he has shown he cannot unify the nation. If Romney wins – we have a shot at becoming a whole nation again.


Now photos tell the story: greeting schoolchildren

8 10 2012

Here is Mitt Romney today, greeting some elementary kids who had formed a line to wave at his passing motorcade. He asked that the motorcade be turned around so he could greet them.








And here is what Obama looks like when he goes to an elementary school:



Word clouds really tell the story

8 10 2012

An amazing tell-all picture from last week’s Presidential debate: the word clouds.

Here is Romney’s and note the most used word: PEOPLE






And here is Obama’s, and the most used word? Governor. He spent more time talking about his opponent than the issues!


Liberals begged for it: Romney’s tax returns released

21 09 2012

And oh my they aren’t going to like what they see.

Romney is legal and fully paid AND very, very generous. He made over 13 million in investment income in 2011 and paid a tax rate of 14.4%. He gave over 4 million to charity, representing 30% of his income. AND he did not fully deduct what he could have for that charitable giving, thus raising his tax rate. In other words – he paid more in taxes than he legally was required to do.

Remember millionaire Obama gives only 7% to charity. And I think Biden gave like $500 bucks or something.

I had suspected all along that the returns would not show anything shocking. I love that he held on to them until the time and place of his choosing to release them. You can almost hear the collective gasp of nothingness in the liberal world that they have nothing – nothing – to nail him on here!

And to make matters worse for liberals – Romney is STILL not as rich as John Kerry.