A funny thing happened on the way to the 2008 Presidential election.

I woke up.

I’ve never paid much attention to politics. There are politicians I like; there are ones I don’t like. The politicians I’ve always liked seem to be Republican. The ones I don’t care for are Democrats. I usually vote Republican. But even when a Democrat won, I went with the flow and did my thing and I hoped that someone, somewhere was keeping an eye on the political scene to be sure this character I didn’t vote for was behaving and keeping things in order.

That certainly changed in 2008.

At first I was amused, then interested, then horrified at the rising popularity of Barack Obama. My horrifying moment came in summer when I was helping my son with research for an online American Government class. I went on Obama’s website to preview what my son would be researching. I clicked on Obama’s experience section and there it was in plain language: this guy has not done anything but run for the next political job and it is documented on his own website. Could anyone really take this guy seriously as a candidate for President? Apparently so.

At the same time, I was noticing the media coverage. I’ve always been a TV baby – the TV is always on in my house and I grew up with the network news at dinner. But towards the end of the Bush years I was not pleased with the coverage on the news. It was always negative. Always slanted. It was becomming very obvious that full stories were not being reported. My “ah-ha” moment came from the driveway of an Ohio man now known as “Joe the Plumber”. I watched the video of the Joe and Obama encounter on the internet – the entire footage – before the network news. Then I watched the network news. The network’s story was so positive – what a “regular” guy Obama is going door to door and working on real man problems. Nothing about his comment on “spreading the wealth” or the non-answer to “do you believe in the American dream?” That was it….I was done with network news.

So now we have a President who wouldn’t even be able to get a job at the airport restaurant (airport applications ask if you have a relationship with a known terrorist) and a media that has lost their ethical compass and objectivity.


REPEATABLE is a blog that rips a technique from the daily liberal talking points manual. My entries will be easy-to-repeat vignettes of current politics. There are plenty of fantabulous conservative blogs out there that give you the facts mainstream media will not. REPEATABLE sifts the best of them to give you small bits to fire at the pesky neighbor who thinks Obama is dreamy or the annoying co-worker that has stopped working because Obama is going to “save” him. Small – digestible – repeatable – truths.

Plus it is therapy – for me.



One response

7 05 2009

Your site delivers just what you say it will. I have enjoyed it over the past few days and will be back on a regular basis.

On a similar topic, I thought of you the other day while listening to our local conservative drive time guy. He had the organizer of this website (goooh.com) on and all I could think was who could I pass this onto. Check it out when you have a chance, if you have not already done so.

In the meantime take care and keep up the great job.

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