12 11 2012

A very interesting 2012 election breakdown by Rasmussen Reports about WHEN people made up their minds about who to vote for in the election.

70% made their decision more than a month ago. I call this the partisan group. Chances are, in my opinion, these decisions were made according to party line and it doesn’t matter who the candidate is, this group will probably vote down the party lines.

18% decided last month. I think that is the group that was actually in play the entire time. This was probably the group that were moved by advertising or debates.

Then 12% decided whom to vote the week of the election, with a mind-blowing 4% deciding the DAY OF the election. There was a graph I saw from Google analytics that showed on election day, one of the most searched phrases was “who is running for President”. I know all votes count but frankly, I’m not sure I’d want those voters on my side. Since they made up their mind late, I wonder if they know who won?

So the way I see it, it is an 18% game, the fall of an election year.

The report is here.




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