I’m good on my team – not theirs

7 11 2012

I’m proud to be Republican and to have voted for Mitt. I would have liked to have seen how someone new could address the issues of our day. In the end, the county where I live went for Mitt, as did my family and my friends that are closest to me, and so did 57 million other Americans – proof enough that I am among good company.

I’m not a fan of class warfare, fear mongering, and derisive comments about American citizens. Add in some name calling, woman-minimizing and flat out lying, and Obama just really isn’t my kind of guy.

I should have known we were toast after watching the videos of Obama voters who didn’t know who his running mate was, and the Obama voters who thought he did great in the first debate when they were interviewed hours before the debate even happened. Add in those undercover videos in Obama for America offices where they thought it was cool when asked how to register to vote in two states. With a population like this actually voting it makes it hard for a competing candidate to be successful with substantial arguments.

I’m good on my team – I’d rather not be on theirs.




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