Liberal Violence

6 11 2012

While we wait for the outcome of the election, let’s revisit some of the acts of “kindness” (sarc) to Romney supporters from liberal loons.

Should Romney win tonight, this may be just a taste of things to come (unfortunately).

Here is a sample:

78-year-old bus driver in New Berlin, Wisconsin tells a 12 year old boy “maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you” because he had a Romney yard sign in front of his home. She was moved to another route, then later fired thanks to public outcry. Story here.

Teenager Samantha Pawlucy from Pennsylvania had to change SCHOOLS after being bullied by a teacher when she wore a Romney shirt. Story here.

In Alta Loma, outside Los Angeles, 2 cars were keyed with the word Obama and another car’s seats were slashed outside a home with Romney signs on Oct 27. Story here.

A truck with an Obama bumper sticker drove through the parking lot in Racine, WI on Oct 27, dumping nails during a Tea Party rally. Story here.

I really have not seen stories like this towards Obama supporters. That’s not to say conservatives don’t have their share of nuts, but you just don’t see this type of hate from that side.

Hope and change – what ever happened to that?




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