An Obama Win Means Democrats Lose

5 11 2012

I have a different take on a possible Obama win in tomorrow’s election: it will set the Democrat party back for YEARS.

My thoughts:

The country is divided, more so than in 2008. Obama cannot heal, he can only divide. His entire campaign was based on fear and divisive tactics. His four-year presidency was based on isolation, not integration. He couldn’t even get one democrat to vote for his budget.

An Obama victory, though tough to swallow, would energize the right, not defeat it. Much the same way you saw the birth of the Tea Party movement immediately after Obama’s election, you would see more grassroots, organic energy against him based from frustration that he would do nothing to help heal.

Fast forward to the 2014 mid-term elections – and that is where the shift could take a more permanent turn, similar to what happened in 2010. Republicans might take back the Senate; by then we’ve all fallen off the fiscal cliff; public opinion sours with the completion of multiple tax forms and red tape related to Obamacare and the Benghazi scandal has reached full disclosure, taking with it the impossibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency.  By then, Obama will be more disengaged than ever – bored with the job and more interested in shooting hoops.

Because Obama cannot heal, Republicans will gain and their gains will be more substantial and longer lasting than a second, 4-year Obama presidency. If you are a Democrat and can see this, you are probably terrified of what happens post Obama term two.

I want Romney to win. And if you are a Democrat looking at the long-term picture of your cause(s), you probably should too.




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