Home stretch Obama tactic: my feelings are hurt

2 11 2012

Grab the tissues people, we’ve got a campaign winner here.

I see the last week strategy of the Obama campaign, after attack after attack after attack – he’s going soft with his feelings.

First was earlier this week with Bill Clinton, who as a stand-in for Obama due to Hurricane Sandy said he talked with Obama earlier that morning and Obama told him that his feelings are hurt. Romney is running an ad saying Jeeps are going to be made in China. This hurts Obama’s feelings because his first new car was a Jeep.

A pro-Obama Facebook page is running a story how Obama is the most disrespected President ever.

And Obama brushed aside a reporter asking questions about Libya this week, saying something to the effect of anyone who would think he misled the public hurts his feelings.

So here comes the play: we are going for the sympathy vote here in the last few days. I guess they think by him saying how his feelings are hurt, independents will say “oh no!” and vote for him to stay another four years in office. Because those independents will surely put aside their own economic challenges; their career stagnation; rising gas prices – you know – those other issues will be put aside because our President needs a hanky to cry in and a vote to let him keep his job.

Remember – our President – those soft feelings – that guy who as a kid pushed a girl down on the playground to avoid being teased himself. Give me a break!




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