Obama’s green light to terrorists

29 10 2012

Missing from the discussion and moderate reporting of the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya is the green light Obama is giving to terrorists.

The attack happened on September 11. To this day (October 28), the President of the United States still says they are “gathering facts”. To me, that says “green light to go” to terrorists.

Because of the President’s bumbling, we are obviously showing that we as a country that we don’t know what we are doing. Did we know the attack was happening? Did we watch it in “real time”? Did we really have armed drones capable of ending the attack but didn’t use them?

It is like we are walking around on the world stage with our fly open.

The intellegence information would have been available to Obama immediately. There is no need to wait ALMOST 7 WEEKS before letting the American people know what happened. By informing the public, you also inform the terrorists that we are on this, and that our country, while attacked, is sharp, united and going to deal with it. By NOT informing the public, you inform the terrorists that we are bumbling fools.

Green light to proceed to terrorists.




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