It’s here! Obama’s plan has FINALLY arrived.

24 10 2012

He was waving around a bright blue brochure on the campaign trail today, this day, 14 days to go until Election day, days into early voting for some states. Obama’s Blueprint for America’s Future brochure, fresh with wet ink, has finally been unveiled.

It’s a 20 page plan about 20 months too late.

Nice try, but I think the Romney campaign has really made inroads into the argument that Obama does not have a plan for a second term. Proof of that was in the fact that Obama himself was waving the brochure around like a school kid at show and tell. An incumbant President 14 days before an election really, really wouldn’t be waving around their plan now had they had one all along.

I’m happy that Obama has found his plan. It will give him something to read when he is retired on January 21, 2013.




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