Binders of Bullshit

18 10 2012


The liberals have grabbed onto the meme “binders of women” like they found honey dripping off trees.

Binders of women? No, actually this is the petition Notre Dame students signed to keep Obama from speaking at their Commencement. I couldn’t resist using the image!

The battle cry against Romney stems from his comment in the debate Tuesday when he was describing the binders of women his team brought him at his request as he was filling his cabinet as Governor of Massachussetts.

So instead of applauding the Governor for recognizing that applicants were not diverse enough (too many men) and instead of recognizing his extra effort to speak to women’s groups to seek out more women applicants, they instead seize on his comment as if it was some type of slander against estrogen bearing individuals.

Obama and Biden have refered to the binders of women on the campaign trail. It really has gotten that bad.

By making fun of the term, they are actually highlighting the good that Romney did. How refreshing the Romney identified that women were not represented in his applicant pool. How wonderful that he took action to get more to apply. What is wrong with this story? That he didn’t put the word “resumes” behind “binders of women”

If we are going to get into parsing words, let’s talk about the President’s tip toe use of the word terror in that Rose Garden speech on Sept 12. The mispeaking of THAT is far more pressing than the fact that Romney didn’t say the word “resumes” .

This is a binders of bullshit story.  And it will backfire.




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