Word Clouds Don’t Show The Smirks

12 10 2012

Here are the word clouds from last night’s Vice Presidential debate. They are fairly even, unlike last week’s Presidential debate when Obama mentioned his opponent the most.

What you don’t see here are Joe’s smirks. If you added the word “blew it” for every time Joe smirked last night, it would be the largest word in the cloud.

The debate will go down in history for Joe’s conduct and unfortunately, not the content of what needed to be discussed. It appears that we have lost the path to civil discourse in an election. So far in two debates, one candidate (the President) appeared doped up and the second candidate (the Vice President) appeared high. Neither options are good for serious debate and discussion.

The excerpts of the debate are very good for Paul Ryan, who did seem to struggle and look a bit awkward especially in the beginning. Because of the short nature of excerpt clips, you see Ryan answering questions while you see Joe with a crooked grin and fake teeth. You don’t see the long stretches where Ryan looked at Joe, seemingly just taking it all in.

Ryan through it all was confident, measured and vice presidential. Biden was hot, blown up and creepy.

It is a good set up for the next debate. Ryan prepped the stage well for Romney – he made no mistakes or gaffes. Biden prepped the stage with crap for Obama.




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