The Path to Victory: Consensus Building

10 10 2012

With under 4 weeks to go until the election and the polls tied, there is a great tool Romney can whip out of the ‘ole tool bag: his success at consensus building.

After the last debate, the Fox News’ focus group went off the dial in agreement during one segment: it was when Romney was talking about how he accomplished the improbable in Massachusetts by being elected a Republican in a majority Democratic state, and how he reached across the aisle to get things done. Everyone in that focus group liked what he was saying. They WANT our elected leaders to work together.

Preparing for the Oct 3 debate, with himself (the empty chair next to him)

This is the opposite of what Obama has done. Much has been written of his singular approach. He does not mix and mingle with members of Congress, there is no networking, and he has said in his next term, he will work around Congress to get things done. Michelle Obama recently said on a radio talk show that her husband has done a really good job of working around Congress.

But that is not what people want. It might be what hardcore liberals want, but not the majority. It is also not what President Hopenchange ran on.

Obama has no record on consensus building. Romney does. Obama could not even get one democrat to vote for his budget. Twice. He could not even get one democrat to put their name to his “jobs bill”. He does not share his fundraising money with the DNC nor does he share the spotlight with any candidate on the trail.

No matter which side you are on, you can see the polls are split. One side will eventually win. If Obama wins – we remain split because he has shown he cannot unify the nation. If Romney wins – we have a shot at becoming a whole nation again.




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