A look back at election numbers

7 10 2012

I thought this was a good time to remind myself of the last election numbers. I remember looking at this right after Obama beat McCain and it gave me a lot of perspective.

From my notes, in 2008, Obama won 62.443 million votes compared to 55.386 for McCain.

It seems today that we all remember this “landslide”, record turnout vote, but it really wasn’t that vastly different from 2004.

In 2004, Bush won with 62.04 million votes compared to 59.028 million for Kerry.

Obama received only 439,000 more votes in 2008 than Bush did in 2004.

The perception though is that the Obama machine had voter turnout like never seen before, and one to be feared again. While the turnout was exceptional, it wasn’t really that far from the successful vote of Bush in 04.

The gap may not be that difficult to cover with a base more enthusiastic of Mitt Romney than John McCain, and add in those who are dissatisfied with Obama who may switch their vote or not vote at all.

It could happen!





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