My “college freshman blame the middle school teacher” analogy

4 10 2012

Last night was the first debate between a very wimpy President and an eager Republican challenger.

It was a clear and decisive victory for Romney. Even the liberal media agree.

Though much is being written on every detail, one of the largest things that continues to annoy me is how Obama keeps blaming Bush. A total of 5 times last night he referenced how bad things were when he stepped into the Oval office. He keeps trying to evoke that memory to shift attention from the fact that he has done nothing to improve whatever situation he was handed.

So my analogy is this:

When Obama took office, a kid was a high school Freshman. That kid is now a freshman in college! Can you imagine that kid getting a bad grade, and arguing with their college professor that the bad grade was their middle school teacher’s fault? Can you imagine that kid saying it was because of middle school they are not doing well? That professor would say “well then what the hell did you do to improve yourself during 4 years of high school?”

And that’s exactly what Romney told Obama last night.




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