Obama’s green light to terrorists

29 10 2012

Missing from the discussion and moderate reporting of the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya is the green light Obama is giving to terrorists.

The attack happened on September 11. To this day (October 28), the President of the United States still says they are “gathering facts”. To me, that says “green light to go” to terrorists.

Because of the President’s bumbling, we are obviously showing that we as a country that we don’t know what we are doing. Did we know the attack was happening? Did we watch it in “real time”? Did we really have armed drones capable of ending the attack but didn’t use them?

It is like we are walking around on the world stage with our fly open.

The intellegence information would have been available to Obama immediately. There is no need to wait ALMOST 7 WEEKS before letting the American people know what happened. By informing the public, you also inform the terrorists that we are on this, and that our country, while attacked, is sharp, united and going to deal with it. By NOT informing the public, you inform the terrorists that we are bumbling fools.

Green light to proceed to terrorists.


New Voter Response to Obama for America

24 10 2012

A personal story:

We have a new registered voter in our household, 18-years-old, and he got a call last night from Obama for America.

“Can President Obama count on you for your vote?” they asked.

His response: “He can count on me when I can count on him, so no, I can’t vote for him”

Then he took his ROTC bayonet and stabbed the wall. Just kidding on that last part, I couldn’t resist the bayonet comment as he HAS used one in the two months he has been in ROTC.

It’s here! Obama’s plan has FINALLY arrived.

24 10 2012

He was waving around a bright blue brochure on the campaign trail today, this day, 14 days to go until Election day, days into early voting for some states. Obama’s Blueprint for America’s Future brochure, fresh with wet ink, has finally been unveiled.

It’s a 20 page plan about 20 months too late.

Nice try, but I think the Romney campaign has really made inroads into the argument that Obama does not have a plan for a second term. Proof of that was in the fact that Obama himself was waving the brochure around like a school kid at show and tell. An incumbant President 14 days before an election really, really wouldn’t be waving around their plan now had they had one all along.

I’m happy that Obama has found his plan. It will give him something to read when he is retired on January 21, 2013.


Going, world, president: Romney’s words of the last debate

23 10 2012

Again, the word clouds tell such a story about the Presidential debates. The last debate was last night. There were two men on my TV screen: a President and another guy wearing a blue tie. Obama was wearing a blue tie. Romney looked, and sounded, like the President. Obama became snarky again, with smirks and rambling statements, with outright lies on top.

The word clouds again show the trend of discussion. Romney’s most used words were: going, world and president (president lower case, as in “when I am president”, not uppercase when he would refer to Obama by his current title).

Obama’s most used words? Make. Going. Governor. Again, he referenced his opponent most often! So to recap, in the first debate, Obama’s top three words were Governor, make, going. Second debate was Governor, make, going and last night was make, going, Governor. Hmmm I see a trend of nothingness there.

And only one candidate used the word peace. Guess who? Yep – Romney. Peace is a good word to use in a foreign policy debate.

So now the debates are over and they will go down in history for changing the election. Romney’s decisive victory in the first debate was epic and his surge has been unmatched. Even IF he does not win, history will show the importance that these debates have had.


Let’s refresh that Guantanamo discussion

22 10 2012

Prior to the final Presidential candidate debate on Monday, I thought this a good time to refresh the memory about Obama’s promise to close Guantanamo.

It is not closed.

Now, I think the fact that it remains open is a good thing – I didn’t think it should be closed. I’d rather have trials for terrorists held in a corner of Cuba than on U.S. soil.

But what Guantanamo does is focus on a broken promise from Obama. He wants to chide Romney for changing his position, but this change from Obama is drastic. He focused on Guantanamo so much it was one of the first items of business on his first day in office.

My repeatable recap on Guantanamo is here. Let’s see if this gets brought up in the debate.


Binders of Bullshit

18 10 2012


The liberals have grabbed onto the meme “binders of women” like they found honey dripping off trees.

Binders of women? No, actually this is the petition Notre Dame students signed to keep Obama from speaking at their Commencement. I couldn’t resist using the image!

The battle cry against Romney stems from his comment in the debate Tuesday when he was describing the binders of women his team brought him at his request as he was filling his cabinet as Governor of Massachussetts.

So instead of applauding the Governor for recognizing that applicants were not diverse enough (too many men) and instead of recognizing his extra effort to speak to women’s groups to seek out more women applicants, they instead seize on his comment as if it was some type of slander against estrogen bearing individuals.

Obama and Biden have refered to the binders of women on the campaign trail. It really has gotten that bad.

By making fun of the term, they are actually highlighting the good that Romney did. How refreshing the Romney identified that women were not represented in his applicant pool. How wonderful that he took action to get more to apply. What is wrong with this story? That he didn’t put the word “resumes” behind “binders of women”

If we are going to get into parsing words, let’s talk about the President’s tip toe use of the word terror in that Rose Garden speech on Sept 12. The mispeaking of THAT is far more pressing than the fact that Romney didn’t say the word “resumes” .

This is a binders of bullshit story.  And it will backfire.


Four days of prep for 11 questions

17 10 2012

It took Obama 4 days of studying at a golf resort in Virginia to answer 11 questions at last night’s debate. And two of the questions he never answered!

Maybe we can commission a debate with, like, 200 questions so he will go away for months to “prepare”?