Liberals begged for it: Romney’s tax returns released

21 09 2012

And oh my they aren’t going to like what they see.

Romney is legal and fully paid AND very, very generous. He made over 13 million in investment income in 2011 and paid a tax rate of 14.4%. He gave over 4 million to charity, representing 30% of his income. AND he did not fully deduct what he could have for that charitable giving, thus raising his tax rate. In other words – he paid more in taxes than he legally was required to do.

Remember millionaire Obama gives only 7% to charity. And I think Biden gave like $500 bucks or something.

I had suspected all along that the returns would not show anything shocking. I love that he held on to them until the time and place of his choosing to release them. You can almost hear the collective gasp of nothingness in the liberal world that they have nothing – nothing – to nail him on here!

And to make matters worse for liberals – Romney is STILL not as rich as John Kerry.




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