Big, bad and bug trouble in Charlotte

4 09 2012

Oh my these Democrats.

Their convention in Charlotte is shaping up to be the model of all models of how to NOT run a political program.

First was the background drama: the Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party Jay Parmley who was accussed of inappropriate behavior to a young male boy. Yeah, they had to let him go.

Then was the soft fundraising. They didn’t make their goals. So they had to embrace the horrors of horrors: corporate sponsors. Over $20 million was raised from companies like Bank of America, Wells Farge, A T & T and US Airways. The party that said they wouldn’t do this just did.

The city they chose to host their party does not support unions, and well, the Democrats do so that’s been a rub for a year or so.

And of course the state they chose to host their party recently voted down a mainstay of the Democratic platform: gay marriage.

Dems chose an outdoor stadium, named after an evil bank, for Obama’s acceptance speech, and were having problems filling the seats. They went to a 9-3-1 campaign: volunteer for 9 hours for an Obama field office, over 3 days and you get 1 ticket. So that didn’t work. They started to give away tickets, first come, first served, at area bars. There were still rumors that that wasn’t working, and now a high chance of rain looks like the whole event may have to be moved indoors. With an indoor arena with 1/3 of the seats to fill, now they might be able to fill the room.

Speaking of that, reporters have been blogging and tweeting yesterday and today about how small the convention floor is. Delegates aren’t even seated on the floor – they are in the stands – some in nosebleed seats. Some reporters say this is the smallest floor they have ever seen. I can tell you why it’s small and the delegates are shoved in the stands: they are going to pack the floor with hand-picked, good looking, diverse puppets all for the sake of good camera shots.

Then there’s the bugs. Reporters have been complaining that the hotels they are assigned too are awful and some have bed bugs. One reporter said they moved themselves to a hotel near the South Carolina border.

So good luck with that party there – dems!




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