All About Himself

2 09 2012

One of the disturbing trends with Obama is how much of a loaner he is. He will share the stage with no one, not even Neil Armstrong, not even his own fellow Democratic candidates currently running for office. It’s all about himself.

Here is Obama’s Tumblr tribute to Neil Armstrong, who recently passed away. Obviously, it is a photo of himself. Of all the iconic photos available of Neil Armstrong, he chooses a photo of HIMSELF as the tribute.

After the Republican convention and the speech/skit of Clint Eastwood using an empty chair to mock Obama’s empty presidency, Obama staff posts a picture of HIS chair, which has a gold plated marker on the back that is engraved ” The President. This chair is taken”. That photo may seem funny for the moment, but think, that chair really, really does exist and he really does sit in it for meetings. Singular. This is about me.

(Note to the next President: take that chair and change that plaque to say “The President. This chair is for the people I represent.”)

But the most selfish of Obama’s actions are what is occurring now to his Democratic colleagues running for local and national office. He will not campaign for them. He will not campaign with them. He will not share money. Or telephone banks and ground operations. The Wall Street Journal notes this “solitary route” that he is taking, comparing it to George Bush’s 2004 campaign where he did all he could to help other republicans on the ballot, and even Bill Clinton’s 1996 approach. Obama’s campaign is focused on him winning, and he does no fundraising for Senate or House candidates, and he rarely urges those at his rallies to volunteer locally for them. He rarely shares the stage and, as was noted in the article, he has sometimes not even acknowledged that they are in the room.

The problem with his strategy is that it does not build a base for cooperation in his own party after he may win reelection. They will remember. When he asks or demands for them to take action, they will probably not listen. Or care.

This fraction is already occurring within his base. Take the Fall 2011 Jobs Bill. Obama went on a tour demanding that Congress “pass this bill now”. But they had not received the bill. It look the White House 4 days to send the bill to congress, then nothing happened. No Democrat put the bill forward. In fact, enough time passed that a Republican representative from Texas actually had the time to file his own version of a jobs bill and he filed it using the same name as Obama’s drafted bill.

This is like saying “call our hotline 1-800-222-2222” before even having that phone number registered to your name, and your competition gets that phone number under their name first.

And Obama’s flop “to do” list. He hit the campaign trail earlier this year saying he has given Congress a “to do” list. So some in the media starting asking Democrat representatives what is on the list and what are they doing. But the Democrats didn’t know of this list. Never heard of it. Didn’t have it. That is because it didn’t exist. He was acting on his own, making it look like he was doing something. Always about himself.

So while we watch him campaign for a job, for himself, it will be interesting to see how many in his own party start to take notice. And ignore him.




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