Generic respect for Seal Team 6

31 08 2012

Obama has been using his success in ordering the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden during his reelection campaign. It is important enough to him to mention it often and use it in feature ads about himself. Biden has also referenced the mission during his speeches.

Some of the members of  that mission later died in another military mission. So what did President Poise do? He sent the families a generic sympathy letter. The letters also appear to be digitally signed.

If he values these men so much that he mentions this mission on the campaign trail, you would think he would have taken the time to write a personal letter.

And he had the time. The letters were dated September 23, 2011. The next afternoon, he had enough time on his schedule for golf. So he cannot use the excuse that there was too much on his plate to pen a personal note.

He has written personal notes before, like when a rapper died in November 2011.

He applies generic respect for these heros but has no problem using their success for his reelection campaign.

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