Romney’s success as a private-equity guy, per Obama

30 08 2012

Obama has gushing positive comments in a August 30 Time on-line article:

On Romney: “He strikes me as somebody who is very disciplined. And I think that that is a quality that obviously contributed to his success as a private-equity guy.”

Success as a private-equity guy? Is that like, a sterling business career? If Obama thinks Romney’s time as Bain was “successful”, why did his team work so closely with the Super PAC that has been running ads all summer bashing Romney’s time at Bain? This Super PAC ran an ad featuring a man who loosely claimed that his wife died in part because of Bain closing the plant he worked in (later, of course, it was proven that the man’s wife had her own insurance and she died 5 years after his plant closed, which was 2 years after Romney had left Bain). That man had been featured in a spring Obama ad, and was even on a publicity conference call with Obama spokesperson Stephanie Cutter months before this Super PAC ad ran.

Obama knew that this Super PAC was planning this” bash Bain” campaign, yet he pretends to take the high road with comments like this.

I just don’t respect games like this.
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