Always about the illusion; never substance

29 08 2012

Another example of how Obama is more concerned about the “look” and not the content.

Last week, his campaign team asked the University of Virginia to come on campus. Obama has an important message for students, they said. They wanted to use one of two sights, and UVA had to say no. To use those locations, classes would have to be cancelled during the first week of school, and they also did not have the money to foot the security bill. UVA offered the campaign alternative locations on campus, but Obama’s team said no, that those locations did not look collegiate enough.

They didn’t want to speak to UVA students. If they did, they would have taken the alternative location. They were only concerned with the image – the location – the implied message that Obama supports college students just because he has a collegiate-looking background.

Another example of how there is just no substance there!




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