After the weekend – I’ll visit ya…

31 08 2012

Today is Friday. Hurricane Isaac hit on Monday.

President Obama just announced he will visit the state to assess the federal response….after he enjoys Labor Day weekend. He’ll visit on Monday, Sept 3.

One week after the storm hit.

Mitt Romney is visiting today, Friday, at the invitation of the Governor. Casinos in the area opened today.

Can’t wait to see what the heck is so important on the President’s schedule this weekend that he can’t break away earlier to press the flesh and thank the first responders.

And also to be noted: he flew OVER Lousianna to get to Texas on Friday for a “1 year since combat ended in Afhganistan” rally.


The Campaigning President during Hurricane Isaac

31 08 2012

This week was the Republican National Committee convention in Tampa. It was supposed to begin Monday, August 27. But because of an tropical storm approaching the gulf coast, they cancelled the first day. Smart move.

The storm went Hurricane and Isaac hit New Orleans on Tuesday, August 28. The Republicans began their convention, mentioning prayers for those in harms way and support for the first responders. This, of course, received criticism from movie stars and even the Yahoo News chief (who was fired actually for his remarks).

Not noticed was the behavior of the person in charge of the federal response to disasters: our President. The day the storm hit, August 28, Obama was on a three state campaign tour in Colorado, Iowa and Virgina. Now this was not official Presidential business, this was a tour to get himself a job.

The next day, August 29, he continues to campaign, hitting Virginia and hosting an on-line chat on Reddit. Again, not official Presidential business, but on a tour to get himself a job.

While Obama had declared a federal disaster in advance of the storm, he did not declare a full disaster. This has to be requested by the Governor. It is that checks and balances thing we have in place so the Federal government does not send in the Army into a state unless they ask for it. Governor Jindal did request the full declaration. And then Jindal waited. And waited.

As of Wednesday, August 29, at 3 p.m. – a day after the hurricane hit – Jindal tweeted he was still waiting for the FULL DECLARATION from the President. At 4 p.m., the President was speaking in Charlottesville, Virginia.

So to repeat: Obama had time to campaign for a job for himself but did not have time to make the full declaration for disaster relief as requested by the state governor.

A reminder too: George Bush made a federal disaster declaration before Katrina. And then HE had to wait 4 days until the Democrat Governor requested the FULL DECLARATION.

Generic respect for Seal Team 6

31 08 2012

Obama has been using his success in ordering the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden during his reelection campaign. It is important enough to him to mention it often and use it in feature ads about himself. Biden has also referenced the mission during his speeches.

Some of the members of  that mission later died in another military mission. So what did President Poise do? He sent the families a generic sympathy letter. The letters also appear to be digitally signed.

If he values these men so much that he mentions this mission on the campaign trail, you would think he would have taken the time to write a personal letter.

And he had the time. The letters were dated September 23, 2011. The next afternoon, he had enough time on his schedule for golf. So he cannot use the excuse that there was too much on his plate to pen a personal note.

He has written personal notes before, like when a rapper died in November 2011.

He applies generic respect for these heros but has no problem using their success for his reelection campaign.

Background on the story here.


Romney’s success as a private-equity guy, per Obama

30 08 2012

Obama has gushing positive comments in a August 30 Time on-line article:

On Romney: “He strikes me as somebody who is very disciplined. And I think that that is a quality that obviously contributed to his success as a private-equity guy.”

Success as a private-equity guy? Is that like, a sterling business career? If Obama thinks Romney’s time as Bain was “successful”, why did his team work so closely with the Super PAC that has been running ads all summer bashing Romney’s time at Bain? This Super PAC ran an ad featuring a man who loosely claimed that his wife died in part because of Bain closing the plant he worked in (later, of course, it was proven that the man’s wife had her own insurance and she died 5 years after his plant closed, which was 2 years after Romney had left Bain). That man had been featured in a spring Obama ad, and was even on a publicity conference call with Obama spokesperson Stephanie Cutter months before this Super PAC ad ran.

Obama knew that this Super PAC was planning this” bash Bain” campaign, yet he pretends to take the high road with comments like this.

I just don’t respect games like this.
Read more:


Always about the illusion; never substance

29 08 2012

Another example of how Obama is more concerned about the “look” and not the content.

Last week, his campaign team asked the University of Virginia to come on campus. Obama has an important message for students, they said. They wanted to use one of two sights, and UVA had to say no. To use those locations, classes would have to be cancelled during the first week of school, and they also did not have the money to foot the security bill. UVA offered the campaign alternative locations on campus, but Obama’s team said no, that those locations did not look collegiate enough.

They didn’t want to speak to UVA students. If they did, they would have taken the alternative location. They were only concerned with the image – the location – the implied message that Obama supports college students just because he has a collegiate-looking background.

Another example of how there is just no substance there!


The funny part about money

15 08 2012

The Obama campaign is fixated on Mitt Romney’s wealth. They are trying to paint Romney’s work at Bain as evil.

So, the guy who made his millions selling books that talk about the illegal things he has done (drug use), wants us to hate the other guy who made his millions legally.