The Wackiest Week Recap

13 05 2012

This week was so rediculous that I had to blog about it.

The huge news were elections on Tuesday, May 8. Romney easily cruised to victory while Obama LOST 40% of the Democratic vote in the state of West Virginia. Seems impossible that a sitting president would actually loose any votes from his own party in a primary but he did! Running against him in the primary was an inmate in Federal prison. So 40% of the democrats voting in the Presidential primary voted against Obama and for the prisoner.

Also in this round of elections was a gay marriage vote in North Carolina. It overwhemling passed – confirming voters want marriage to be defined as between a man and a wife. So on Wednesday morning, Obama announces that he, indeed, personally is for gay marriage, even though he is a Christian. A practicing Christian, he says.

To recap Obama’s gay marriage position: he was openly for it, until he ran for the Presidency, then he said he believes marriage is a sacred vow between and man and a women. Then, he decides this year, after talking to his daughters at dinner, that he really wants to go back to his original feeling. A position he has been “evolving” with over the past few years.

Within hours of his announcement of a decision that took him YEARS to evolve to, he was sending out fundraising emails, and selling “Coming Out” T-shirts. Within hours! Then the White House admits they were going to announce this at a more opportune time later in the campaign, perhaps closer to their convention.

So Obama hung his pals in North Carolina out to dry. Instead of showing leadership on the issue and making a statement and stand hours earlier, he didn’t, and their “cause” failed. He proved via the WH statement that he was waiting for a time and place that suited HIM best.

Gay marriage activitists celebrated, called him brave – and I’m sitting here saying – you just got hosed and you don’t even see it. It is about HIM and his fundraising – not about the gay marriage cause.

His statement did not say he believes gays have the RIGHT to be married; only that he personally believes they SHOULD be allowed. He is not leading on the issue – he is just announcing what was basically discussed at the dinner table. No teeth in his statement; no action steps for the cause; just t-shirts for sale.

But let’s not focus on that, because the next day, the Washington Post publishes a 5,000 word story about how Mitt Romney pushed and bullied a kid in high school. 50 years ago. They think. They don’t know because the victim died some 8 years ago and, since he is dead, he cannot confirm or deny the story. The “victim’s” sisters did deny it though – and said their brother would be furious with this story.

Don’t be worried about Obama’s admitted drug use in high school, or that he admits he “rarely” attended school, or that he admited he pushed a girl down on the playground to avoid being teased himself – we have other things to worry about. Because Mitt may have bullied a dude.

And so it begins. This is certainly the first of many wacky weeks that will unfold until the election.




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