The “Jobs” Bill

14 09 2011

3.5 years into his administration and Obama has introduced a jobs bill. Well, sort of.

He wanted to make people think he had jobs on his mind, so he asked for a joint session of Congress to present his plan. Only he requested a date that was also the GOP Presidential candidate debate – a debate that had been scheduled months in advance. The Speaker of the House said no can do, move your speech…which Obama did…and made his lame presentation in prime time on Thursday, Sept. 8.

So his plan is to spend bunches of millions on new jobs – all paid by tax increases. Nifty! And following the speech he goes on a road show to push his plan. He chides the crowds that this bill must be passed NOW. He asks them to call their Representative to demand the bill passage. Only problem….the bill was not in the Reps hands yet.

On Monday, Sept 12 the White House emailed the 155 page plan to Congress.

Four days had passed with Obama saying this must be passed NOW.  You would think upon receipt of the email a Democratic representative would file it…I mean…Obama said do it NOW! But no…as of Wednesday, Sept 14, NO ONE IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES had filed the bill, Democrat or Republican.

I’m guessing a bill costing mega millions to be paid entirely with tax increases would be toxic for any representative to file. As others have said, Obama’s “jobs bill” was not meant to be a bill; it was meant to be a campaign document.




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