President Liar At It Again

23 07 2011

Holy cow I can’t believe he said this TODAY…when the Senate voted 51-46 against passing the Republican Cut, Cap and Balance legislation to avert the government defaulting on debt payments.

Mr. Speech said: “One of the questions the Republican Party is going to have to ask itself is, `Can they say yes to anything?'”

Dude – they did say yes. They passed legislation in the House with a solution to your spending problem. That legislation went to the Senate which Democrats control. Democrats voted against the solution…shoot… not just THE solution….A solution.

Mr. Speech just keeps talking and talking and talking….like his spending and spending and spending.

And, I watched the beginning of ABC News tonight and they didn’t even MENTION the Senate rejecting the House plan. Didn’t even MENTION it.

I hope Americans are getting good, unbiased information out there and make a change in the 2012 elections. We don’t need a President Liar!




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