Golf round count

6 06 2011

Golf count! Obama spent a chunk of Memorial Day 2011 golfing – his 12th golf game in 2011 and his 70th round of golf since becoming President.   Priorities.


Chili dogs: It’s What’s For Dinner

4 06 2011

Presidente forgot to check his wife’s calendar before chowing down on two chili dogs, fries and an extra bowl of chili at a Toledo restaurant. While he was packing on the calories, she was announcing the USDA’s new nutritional plate that has four eating categories: fruits, veges, grains and proteins. Chili dogs are not on the new grid.

This is kinda like him saying everyone needs to tighten their money belt while he runs the Oval Office heat at 80 degrees in the winter….because he is from Hawaii his spokesman said.


I'm not hungry for dinner honey...I ate at the office